Door Alarms and Sensors

Door alarms and sensors work with the door lock to prevent unauthorized access. In most cases, failed authorizations should result in an alarm or a timed lockout. However, some systems allow you to bypass or deactivate individual door sensors to open and close them as needed. Bypassing a single door sensor allows you to open and close it several times, or bypass a few sensors to permit access at a time. Some high-end systems may also allow you to set up multiple access codes.


You can install Sehomy door alarm sensors in your windows and doors to alert you when there is an intruder. These devices are easy to install and provide smart notifications to your smartphone. The sensors work with iOS and Android systems and are compatible with the Sehomy Home App. Sehomy door alarm sensors also display a low battery warning and remind you to change AA batteries. They can also keep a close eye on your family and property.


When it comes to home security, Cove door alarms sensors are a great option for homeowners looking for a simple, affordable solution. The Cove alarm panel has two built-in safety features: smash and crash protection and a siren when the door is opened. The Cove system also has a simple installation process that includes no wires and requires no Wi-Fi configuration. The Cove system comes with a lifetime equipment warranty and monitoring rate lock guarantee, making it a great option for DIYers looking for a reliable, low-cost alternative to a professional security company.


If you have a Ring Alarm, you can now add a door or window contact sensor to the system. This sensor mounts to a door or window frame and connects to the Ring Alarm Base Station. Once connected, the sensor sends alerts to the Ring app when the door or window is opened or closed. This makes it easy to find out when someone is breaking in and avoid the hassle of getting a locksmith.


The YoLink door alarm sensor is a versatile, smart door sensor that can help you monitor your home’s safety. It has a fast response time and is sensitive to changes in the door. It is a popular choice on Amazon, with a number of reviews praising its capabilities. Users especially appreciate the YoLink door sensor’s integration with Alexa and motion detection, which is essential if you have a metal door.

Eve HomeKit

The Eve HomeKit door alarms sensors are designed to recognize the open or closed state of a window or door. It can also determine the time it takes for the window or door to be open or closed. The sensors are compatible with Apple homekit, making them perfect for both residential and commercial settings. If you want to prevent your home from becoming a crime hotspot, the Eve HomeKit door alarms sensors are an excellent choice.


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