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Since 1986, Safety Technology has been providing self defense products, hidden cameras and surveillance systems to Authorized Dealers who profit from these products in many ways.

  • We have no minimum order
  • There is no fee to do business with us if you have proof of business.
  • We can drop ship for you with no drop ship fee.
 In order to become an Authorized Dealer for Safety Technology there are only 2 steps you need to complete:

Step 1: Complete and submit the Authorized Dealer form below.

Step 2: Please send us the following proof of business by FAX to 904-720-0651 or e-mail to (easy way to send digitally is just take a picture of the forms with your smart phone):

  • Your state sales tax resale/exemption certificate OR
  • Two of the following documents:
    State business registration
    Local business license
    W9-EIN# or
    Any other document that provides proof that you have an actual business

 ***Once Step 1 (the form below) is completed you will be able to access our wholesale prices and spreadsheet of all our products, including links to product images you will be able to use in your marketing.*** 

When we receive the information that qualifies you to purchase at wholesale, you will be sent an email notification with your new Customer ID and password that will give you access to our secure online wholesale order site.

We will get you set up as soon as possible so you can start placing orders.


If you do not have a current business and cannot send proof of business, you can still become an Authorized Dealer by choosing one of the following 2 methods:

  • Method #1: If we build a website for you, you do not need to send the proof of business.
  • Method #2: A one time set up fee of $35.
  • Method #3: Order the Gun Show Package

If you choose Method #2, Click the PayPal button below to pay the $35 Authorized Dealer set-up fee. You also need to fill out the Dealer Application below. After you do, you will receive access to product wholesale prices, descriptions and images.

Please fill out the form completely. Submitting an incomplete form will delay the process. Once approved the information you provide here will be used to set up your account.