Safety Technology is looking for dealers to sell our products in any way they wish. This could be on the Internet, at gun shows, flea markets, trade shows, home parties, on eBay or Amazon, Groupon, setting up routes of stores, fundraisers, using our retail catalog to get orders or just selling to friends or coworkers. Once you become an Authorized Dealer, we have no minimum order. We will ship directly to your customers for you, if you want.  There is no drop ship fee. Click the button below to access our wholesale price and product descriptions and images.

Safety Technology Dealers at Gun Shows and Local Market Events

Runt Stun Guns
Lil Guy Stun Guns
Slider Stun Guns
Multiguard Stun Gun
Talon Stun Guns
Trigger Stun Guns
Cell Phone Stun Gun
ZAP Stun Guns
Baton/Flashlight Stun Guns
Lipstick Stun Guns
Pepper Shot Pepper Sprays
Wildfire Pepper Sprays
Mace Defensive Sprays
Hidden Cameras
Sap Gloves
Security Scanners
Diversion Safes
All In One Cameras
Personal Alarms
Dummy Cameras
Pepper Spray Displays
Tactical Pen
Self Defense Keychains
Home/Travel Alarms
Barking Dog Alarm
Telescopic Steel Batons
Safety Lights
Voice/Phone Digital Recorder
Survival Gear
Animal Repellents
Automatic Knives
Folding Knives
Butterfly Knives
Fixed Blade Knives
Disguised Knives
Throwing Knives
Throwing Stars