About Safety Technology

Safety Technology has been providing self defense products for our dealers since 1986.

Safety Technology BBB Business Review

Safety Technology believes that every person has the right of self-defense. We support this right by providing a full selection of non-lethal self defense devices, hidden cameras, survival gear and surveillance systems through our Network of Authorized Dealers.

We offer our Authorized Dealers the best possible service, selection, quality and wholesale prices so they can proudly provide these products to people who need them.

Thank you for your interest in selling our products either as a part time way to add cash to your wallet or as a full time venture, giving you financial security. To become an Authorized Dealer and start selling our products, please start here.

Any questions you or your customers have will be answered by us. When you get into business with us, you are not alone. You instantly have a staff of 14 people, ready to help you whenever you need it.

For years we’ve been THE largest drop ship wholesaler of self defense products in the country and now have hundreds of items you can sell!

AND, we really want YOU to find your way to the good life, too, NOW, not later, and we have THE products that can get you there!