Self Defense and the Law

To qualify for self-defense under the law, you must reasonably fear immediate harm – a concept called “immediacy.” Your action must not invalidate the self-defense claim, such as baiting the attacker into a confrontation or using lethal force. However, there are certain situations when you should never use force in self-defense. For example, you cannot […]

How to Prepare a Pepper Spray Gun

Before you can use a pepper spray gun, you should prepare it thoroughly. Be sure to shake the gun and depress the trigger repeatedly, not all at once. This will allow the spray to be dispersed quickly. It is also important to keep the trigger depressed in short bursts so it will be ready in […]

Door Alarms and Sensors

Door alarms and sensors work with the door lock to prevent unauthorized access. In most cases, failed authorizations should result in an alarm or a timed lockout. However, some systems allow you to bypass or deactivate individual door sensors to open and close them as needed. Bypassing a single door sensor allows you to open […]

Pepper Spray Near Me

If you want to purchase pepper spray near me, you’ve come to the right place. Pepper spray is legal in New York City, but what are the conditions for carrying it? If you’re in New York City, you can read our article on the conditions you need to meet to carry it. If you’re not […]

The Birdie Alarm – A Powerful Weapon For Protecting Yourself and Your Family

This portable emergency device uses a loud strobe-light and flashing siren to deter attacks and create a diversion. The loud noise is loud enough to be heard 100 feet away. Its sleek, modern design is easy to use, and the battery-powered unit lasts up to 40 minutes. It comes with replaceable batteries. This birdie alarm […]

The Effects of Pepper Balls on the Target

A pepper ball is a projectile that shoots a chemical into the air. The chemical causes the target to cough and sneeze. Pepper balls are very effective in preventing violence but can also cause various unpleasant effects. The effects of pepper balls on the target can vary depending on the individual. This article will review […]

Personal Alarms – Best Reviews of Cove, Vigilant Night Vision, Safe Sound, and SOS

There are many options for personal alarms. We’ve reviewed Cove, Vigilant Night Vision, Safe Sound, and SOS personal alarms for you. Each has unique features, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right one for your situation. BestReviews has helped millions of consumers make smarter purchases. Read our reviews to learn more. If […]