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The First Step In Doing Business With Us Is To Order The Wholesale Kit.

There is a $5.00 charge to have the catalog and wholesale prices mailed to you. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page to order. After you order the catalog to be mailed, you will also be emailed a link to download the catalog and wholesale prices. You will find spreadsheets with product weights, UPC codes, images and more on that web page.

Order catalogIf you have an existing business, please fax (904-720-0651) or email ( us your resale certificate and we will send the catalogs and wholesale prices to you at no charge.

self defense catalogWhen you order the Wholesale Kit below, you will receive our 68 page color catalog with all our self defense products, hidden cameras and surveillance systems, wholesale prices, special report on "12 ways to sell our products" and a special report on "selling our products on the Internet."

You will also be able to use the catalogs in your own marketing because our name is not anywhere on the catalogs.

Just order one set below. You will be able to order additional catalogs in bulk to help you market the products after you receive the kit.

The catalog in bulk (minimum order of 25) is 95 cents plus shipping.


"...the catalog is terrific!!"

I just wanted to let you know that I did receive my catalog today. The catalog is terrific!! I have already placed a couple of orders with you and I'm looking forward to placing a lot more. Now with the catalog I feel that I will. Thank You and I look forward to doing more business with you. -Dante Ponzi, C-Breeze Distributors

Below are 3 products you can add to your Wholesale Kit order that will help you sell our products:

Keywords CD and Marketing Manual

Order Keyword CD

You could spend hours and hours researching keywords for your website or...

Order the Keywords CD and save yourself all that time and energy and money.

The Keyword CD contains 1265 keywords for the products in our self defense catalog and 1114 keywords for our hidden cameras, spy and surveillance products. It took over 40 hours to compile these keywords.

These Keywords are actual keywords people typed in search engines to find our products.

The Keyword CD includes: Meta Tag tutorial - Keywords in 2 Excel files - Keywords in 2 Text files

This CD is essential for developing effective Meta Tags, page Titles, Pay Per Click Campaigns and keyword rich text for your web pages.

Most people tend to use the most popular keywords and too few keywords. The result is unnecessary competition which results in expensive PayPer Click campaigns and poor ranking in search engines.

The secret is using keywords that are not as popular and a lot of them. Wouldn't you like to be the only person bidding on certain keywords or optimizing your website for these low popularity but numerous keywords?

The problem is that most people do not do the extra work necessary to find these keywords. In fact, 95% of Internet marketers fail to take the time to really research the relevant keywords people are using to find their products. They all bid and compete on the same keywords.

What difference does it make if you get 100 visitors to your website using a popular (but expensive) keyword or a 10 visitors per keyword from 10 less popular (and less expensive) keywords?


That popular keyword could cost you $1.00 per click whereas, the less popular keywords could cost a dime each. 100 clicks from the popular keyword cost you $100.00. The same 100 clicks from the 10 less popular keywords only cost you $10.00. A huge savings for your Pay Per Click budget.

It's a lot of work finding these keywords...but we have done it for you.

For only $49.00 (FREE shipping) we will rush your Keyword CD to you. Get it now. If you don't, your competition will!

CLICK HERE to Order the Keyword CD by itself or check the Add Keywords CD box below to add it to your Wholesale Kit request.

Along with your catalogs, get a jump on how to sell these products with The Insider's Guide to Selling Personal Security Products -- a step by step manual that shows how to promote and sell our personal protection products. More information on the Marketing Manual at

It reveals dozens of powerful, guaranteed money-making secrets used by the most successful dealers. 

It shows you exactly how to do it and gives you the critical, competitive edge you need to sprint ahead of the competition and stay on top.

Order with your Wholesale Kit by checking the box below next to Add Marketing Manual. Order below with the Wholesale Kit and the shipping is free.

Click "Add to Cart " button below to request the Wholesale Kit mailed to you which includes both our Catalogs and wholesale prices for $5.00. You may also find the products below useful in selling our products. You have to check the items below to order them. If nothing is checked, then only the Wholesale Kit will be added to the shopping cart when you click the "Add to Cart" button.

Add Keywords CD $49.00
Add Marketing Manual $29.95

FREE Shipping for the Wholesale Kit, the Keywords CD and the Marketing Manual!

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