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Michael Gravette walking a tiger Michael Gravette walking a tiger Help Those People Who Walk In Fear Have The CONFIDENCE OF A TIGER By Providing Them With The Self Defense Weapons And Tools To Protect Themselves...
And Put That Extra Cash In Your Pocket At The Same Time!

In this business, you can take real pride in the fact that you protect people and save lives for a living. That you provide peace of mind and real security. That you earn your money by helping people make their lives, homes and businesses safer.

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self defense productsStun Gun Manufacturer of Stun Master®, Z-Force®, Runt®

self defense productsSelf-Defense Products are High Impulse.
Get them in front of people and you will sell them.

drop shipWe will DROP SHIP. You don't have to stock anything!
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WHY YOU SHOULD JOIN US In This Important And Highly Profitable Business And Sell Stun Guns, Mace, Pepper Sprays, Diversion Safes, Personal Alarms, and Spy And Surveillance Systems For Homes Or Businesses...

First of all, this is a very IMPORTANT business. We get to do something very important for families and business owners and society...

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So, please, take some time to thoroughly read the information on this page. This is much more important than just a line of products you might sell or a web site you might own to make money with ---- this is about a very real, proven and solid opportunity to change your entire life for the better, and bring the good life home to your family.



I've never said thanks for all you guys do....so, "Thanks".  You truly do a great job.  I deal with several drop shippers and only one other is anywhere near as consistently good as you.

Eliot Harris www.smartstun.com


And, there is no minimum order. Order at your own comfort level!

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CRIME is real. Women who are assaulted or rape...families whose homes are invaded...the damage done to people this way goes far beyond just the loss of money or jewelry. And, for the most part, the police can only get involved after the damage has been done.You and I are the real first line of defense. We can educate and equip people to protect themselves, their loved ones, their homes and businesses. This is not something most people do of their own initiative. They don't get up in the morning and say "Let's go over to Wal-Mart and buy some non-lethal self-defense products." People NEED TO KNOW WHERE THEY CAN FIND these products. Which is where you and I come in, and do good!

I have thank you letters galore -- from women who drove off attackers in parking lots at night thanks to having one of our products and knowing how to use it -- parents who caught babysitters or nannies doing dangerous or inappropriate things with their children, thanks to our "nanny-cam" spy equipment -- business owners who caught the employee who was stealing from them using our surveillance systems. YOU will get letters like this too.


Bryan Buckner"I just want to say thank you."

Safety Technology allowed us a tremendous opportunity.

My wife was able to quit her full-time job. Now she runs the day to day of Guardian from the our home. We just added an extension on to our home, this is our office/warehouse. Over the last year we've started to realize what financial freedom feels like! If feels very good. We are able to give money back to charity, church and family. 

I have given serious consideration to leaving my full-time job at LSU and dedicating all my time to Guardian...still a little cautious b/c of medical insurance, but this is coming.   The hard work is paying off. Anyway thank you for giving people such an amazing opportunity. 

Brian Buckner www.guardian-self-defense.com


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We make MONEY while HELPING others!

And there aren't a lot of businesses you can say that about. Arguably, for example, you might make good money owning a pizza franchise, but really, what good are you doing? Contributing to the obesity problem? You can name all kinds of other businesses where you might make good money but that's all. In this business, you can take real pride in the fact that you save lives for a living. That you provide peace of mind and real security.

Second, this is a very, very, very PROFITABLE business

What you can make from selling these products is up to you. Our top distributors enjoy GIANT incomes --- with far less work, stress and investment than owners of other kinds of businesses.

Let me tell you, generally, why this is such a profitable business - then, specifically, why becoming a distributor for Safety Technology is the smartest move you'll ever make!


"Just a note of appreciation..."

The efficiency of the order/shipping department is a wonder to behold. As you may know, this is not always the case with vendors, especially those who drop ship. This helps me with quick accurate shipments which makes me look good to my customers.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Gene Brenner, StunGunSupply.com


Crime is a Reality Everywhere!

Big city, small town, even rural communities. meth labs are hidden in rolling hills of small town areas - soon meth addicts are breaking into homes, hijacking cars, where violent crime was unheard of only a year ago.

RAPES...There were 94,635 reported rapes in 2004. The highest percentage of rape is in the Northeast. July is when the greatest number of rapes occur.

ROBBERIES...There were 401,326 robberies in 2004. Highest percentage of these (38%) were in the South. 42% of the robberies occurred on the streets, 14% occurred in homes.

ASSAULT...There were 854,911 incidents of aggravated assault. Firearms were used for 19.3% of the assaults, knives or cutting instruments 18.6%, other weapons (clubs, blunt objects, etc.) 35.6% and personal weapons (hands, fists, feet, etc.) accounted for 26.6% of the assaults.

CAR JACKINGS...There are around 38,000 car jackings each year. 74% of the victims faced a weapon. About 63% of carjacking incidents occurred within 5 miles of the victim's home, including 17% that occurred at or near the home...sometimes in their own driveway. Only 4% occurred more than 50 miles from the victim's home. It's obvious there is a need for these products and an opportunity for you to provide them and make money.


"it is always a pleasure dealing with all of you..."

I just have to say it is always a pleasure dealing with all of you. From the person who fields the calls, the dude that answers all the tech questions (he is great), the ease to place an order and the follow through.  You are an example for professionalism and outstanding customer service.   Your commitment to total quality and satisfaction is impressive.

Thank you!

Marco Betancourt
Colombian Communication Corp


Emergencies can occur anywhere, and preparedness matters

Think Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. God forbid you'd be caught there, as a homeowner, worker or tourist. But if you were, thrown out into the streets to fend for yourself and protect your family, you'd be a lot better off with a stun gun or at least pepper spray in your pocket.

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"Setting up an online business through Safety Technology was the best decision we ever made. Through the guidance, advice, and wealth of knowledge provided by Mike and his staff, our business has flourished."
Steve and Jen Thibeault
Steve and Jennifer Thibeault, TBO-TECH

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Most people are "under-protected" and admit that "they ought to…"
as soon as these products are put in front of them

A lot of our products are "Impulse Items", purchased as soon as shown and explained. Like the Stun Gun Emergency Flashlight to keep in the truck or car (on which your profit is $37.00) and most families need two, small trucking companies might buy twenty... the key chain pepper spray every woman and every teen age girl MUST have…the Intellispy Computer Tracking Software for protecting your children from predators on the Internet … hidden safes that look like cans of soda pop or soup…even a complete, simple Home Security System that sells for $149.95 - your profit $50.00!

Or specialty items like Guard Alaska Bear Repellant Spray for hunters....or the NapZapper, an over-the-ear alarm that awakens a drowsy driver.

There's something for every person....family...home....and business in our catalogs!

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Safety is on Peoples' Minds...

There's a legendary marketing expert named Robert Collier who says that the secret to success in selling is to "enter the conversation already taking place in the customer's mind." Well, is there a day that crime isn't in the news? Child abductions, robberies, assaults, car-jackings, break-ins and home invasions. As soon as you bring up the subject of personal and home security, you tap into real concerns. As soon as you identify yourself as an expert in security and an Authorized Dealer for Safety Technology, the largest provider of such products, people pepper you with questions!

There's no one you meet who can't use a Safety Technology product

The long haul truck driver, delivery van driver or traveling salesman: they need a security product for their car, a portable door alarm for their hotel or motel room door. Parents need nanny-spy-cams, voice intercom systems. Every homeowner needs safes to hide valuables. And on and on.


"My sincerest gratitude for your help with this order..."

...thus far my most profitable one (I am doing this only Part time). Safety Technology is a stellar Supplier, both in terms of Quality Products and Customer Service and Support. I am even more amazed how Safety Technology went above and beyond to help me with this order. Joe actually called me back within an hour, what other Supplier does that?

Jeffrey Pallin, San Fernando, CA


Its so EASY to make money every day

pepper spray display
Pepper Spray
Counter Displays
Available For
Retail Sales

A sale a day...even a small sale, say keychain pepper sprays for a mother and two daughters, and a door alarm for the home...many different products, many different typical, small sales…all made just through ordinary conversations, giving out catalogs...and your on your way to making some extra money.

Call on small businesses and make even more!

Employees will order for themselves out of the catalogs, too! Just visiting the businesses on "main street" or in a small strip center could put extra money in your pocket! Incidentally, as examples, here are some real sales to businesses...businesses you'll recognize....that our distributors have made:

Hilton Garden Inn Franklin Square in Washington DC...50 of our PAL-1, 130 decibel Personal Alarms (Approximate Dealer's Profit on such a sale: $300.00)

Marriott Hotel @ Crystal Gateway Arlington, Virginia...200 of those same Alarms (Dealer Profit: $1,200.00)

Exxon Mobile Development Company 1000 KC-45, Key Chain Alarm With Light (Dealer Profit $9750.00)

Mississippi Farm Bureau Insurance 500 PS-1, 1/2 oz Pepper Spray (Dealer Profit $3,795.00)

Mardi Gras Queen (Gambling Boat) 1 MT-5500, Garrett Metal Detector with 3 Zones (Dealer Profit $1,000.00)

Los Alamos National Laboratory 3 DVR-9800, Worlds Smallest Digital Video Recorder (Dealer Profit $1,095.00)

California State University 1 PRS-9900, 4 Ch. Portable Wired/Wireless System (Dealer Profit $3,115.00)

One sale to a business like this could give you the extra money you're after.

Why Join Safety Technology?

We make it incredibly easy to do business and make money - that's why!

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We will ship your orders direct to your customer for you with your info on the shipping label!

This means you can conduct your business with NO inventory, none of your money tied up in inventory...no boxes to unpack and pack, no trips to the pack 'n ship center, no room needed for storage, no chance of buying products that gather dust and don't sell.

This lets you sell ALL our products --- over 500 different items --- using our beautiful full-color catalogs and our web sites. Here's how easy it is to fulfill your orders: you receive an order and send it to us with payment, or you can just fax or e-mail it to us and have us charge your wholesale cost to your credit card on file. We ship the order to your customer with your name and address on the shipping label -- not ours -- so your relationship with your customer is yours.


I just wanted to drop you a note to let you know that One Plus Defense and Training LLC is very glad to be doing business with your company. I constantly read the marketing techniques you forward and the staff at Safety Technology are extremely helpful.

We began this business about 6 months ago and your company helped get us to where we are now. We began doing gun shows and currently in addition to the shows; we have one small retail store and a website we will be opening on Feb 1st. 

This originally began as a part-time venture and in this short period of time it has grown extremely fast. It has been unbelievable. Thanks and we are looking forward to a very long and solid business relationship. We have been blessed.


Steve Julian, One Plus Defense and Training LLC


Second...Professional Catalogs

wholesale catalog
Self Defense Products Catalog
Camera Catalog
Hidden Camera, Surveillance Catalog

We employ a team of mail-order experts to design and periodically re-design our two full-color, professional catalogs...one for personal and family self-defense products, the other for "spy equipment" and home and business security products. These catalogs are available to you without our company name or identity on them. You use them as yours, adding your own price sheet and order form or stapling a business card to the catalogs. These catalogs impress customers and give them confidence in doing business with you. They cost well over $50,000.00 in photography, art, copy writing and production to put together, so you could never put anything like them together on your own. And they present over 500 different products - instantly making you a Giant Warehouse Source of any and every imaginable security product!!

Third...Our Unbeatable Prices And Your Discounts & Wholesale Costs

You get maximum profits from Safety Technology. Because I built this company from nothing to be THE largest wholesale drop-shipper with THE largest selection of self-defense products, I can and do offer THE best and lowest wholesale prices in America. Period. Further, because I remember what it's like to start small, we do not require big bulk orders to get good discounts and profits. Not at all. I've set up this Price & Profit Structure so you can get started with very little money...grow at your own pace...get good profits even if buying small quantities or doing drop-shipping of individual orders....and you even get cumulative discounts - that means your orders move you to better discounts all year long! (Of course, if you are going to buy a large quantity of one or more items, maybe for a major gun or consumer show, or a retail location, or to act as a wholesaler to small vendors, you should call and discuss Volume Pricing Options. We want YOUR business and we ARE flexible in meeting YOUR needs.)

Fourth...Over A Dozen Moneymaking Plans - use one, two or all twelve!!!

This really is a number of businesses rolled into one. Just sign up below for more information about the many different ways you can make money as a Safety Technology Authorized Dealer.

Fifth...at your option, a Complete "Web Site Superstores" Business

We set this up for you and it makes money for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be the foundation of your entire business. All the information about this can be found at www.safetytechnology.com/internetmarketing.htm.

Sixth...Our reputation for fair-dealing, quality and service stands behind you.

I've been in this business since 1986!

I started small, off a card-table in my house with products stored in the spare bedroom. Over these 20 years, I've seen a lot of "operators" come and go...run big, splashy ads in the opportunity-type magazines...sell cheap, imitation products that don't work right...then disappear. Safety Technology has been wholesaling these products for over 20 years. We stand behind all our products and guarantee them against defects. We've been a member in good standing of the Chamber of Commerce and the Better Business Bureau for years. We also feature the finest BRAND-NAME PRODUCTS in the entire security industry, the names the public knows to trust, like MACE®, Pepper Shot®, Wildfire® and Stun Master®.

Seventh...Exceptional Dealer Support And Service

Our phone lines are manned 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Monday through Friday, by people right here in my office, who are really knowledgeable about our products, and who's job is to help our Distributors succeed. If you or your customers ever have a question about our products, we will be glad to answer them.


How To Get Started Selling These Products

Choose one of the SPECIAL BUSINESS START-UP PACKAGES described at www.safetytechnology.com/start-up-packages.htm


Build your own order of products, catalogs, etc. after receiving our
Wholesale Kit with our catalogs and confidential wholesale prices.


If you want to sell on the Internet, you can have us build your websites for you... www.safetytechnology.com/internetmarketing.htm


accept credit cardsIf you are interested in a more complete, bigger business focused on selling on the Internet, review theinformation at www.safetytechnology.com/internetmarketing.htm. As a friend, coach, entrepreneur and motivator, let me say: do it NOW. You came this far. You read this information, You demonstrated sincere desire for success in a good, profitable business of your own. Now - don't wimp out!!! The temptation is to procrastinate, to waffle, to "think it over". But what is there to think over? Do you want success or not? Act decisively. You have to start sometime...WHY NOT NOW?

Best Regards,

Michael Gravette, President

PS: You SAVE AN EXTRA $46.40 with the Toe 'N the Water Start-Up Package...you SAVE AN EXTRA $34.45 with the Time to Quit My Day Job Start-Up Package...you SAVE AN EXTRA $61.75 with the Mover and Shaker Start-Up Package...and you SAVE AN EXTRA $261.50 with the Big Shot Start-Up Package. Getting your business started right now is as simple as choosing one of these Start Up Packages or ordering our Wholesale Kit to pick your own products to start with.

PS: If you want to sell our products on the Internet, check out our Web Site Super Stores System.

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"I thought I’d drop a note and let you know how much I appreciate your willingness to share business ideas with your distributors."

It’s nice to be partnered with someone like you and Nancy, and of course all the great folks in the office and warehouse.

Thanks also, for the opportunity to work for myself. I’m a retired police officer, injured on duty, and haven’t been able to work outside the home much this past few years. I started selling your products in 2006, but never put enough effort into it. But, now I have my website up and I'm very excited.

Steven Adams, Midwest Defense

If you are interested in selling our products, give us your name and email address below
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