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Wholesale Drop Shipper

One of the most frustrating problems for professionals in the retail sector has to do with the aggravations and guessing games involved with managing their back stock. Of course, keeping a reasonable amount of products available for sale is a vital part of maintaining the profitability of a retail business that can be aided by a wholesale drop shipper.

However, a number of problems come about with the purchase of the wrong items, which dramatically affects the bottom line. Additional problematic situations can also arise if a retailer ends up with too much or too little of the correct items!

Fortunately, these troubles can be easily avoided when a retailer implements the proper utilization of a wholesale drop shipper! Managing business with an excellent drop shipper to oversee the products can improve the management of almost every aspect of the retail business. It is also an effective tool for creating more profits.

What Does A Wholesale Drop Shipper Do?

Clients who choose to work with a wholesale drop shipper recognize them as an important third party in their relationship with the customer. The drop shipper is the entity that is charged with taking care of the retailers – and their clientele.

They do this by sending wholesale products to the customers, specifically to either the retailer (or even directly to the customers themselves!). What this specifically means is that retailers are able to contact the drop shipping company to place an immediate order, asking for precisely the product that they need in the store.

The products are then shipped right away, so that the concept of “back stock” is forever a memory. Some retailers will also create a company website to make this easier for their clients to use, as well. Customers are then able to browse and purchase their goods online, and they are then sent straight to the customer from the wholesale drop shipper. It truly removes the middleman, but offers profits to the retailer!

Wholesale drop shippers also help to make it feasible for any retailer to provide an increased number of options to customers. Naturally, the larger wholesale drop shippers tend to have an impressive ability to keep far larger amounts of products in stock than the majority of retailers could keep in their own stores or storage facilities.

Traits Of A Good Drop Shipping Company

Some of the best companies assist retailers in making the most of all that a wholesale drop shipper has to provide to increase their business. The most recommended of these are the companies that do not charge added fees when goods are purchased through their company. Some will even provide fee-for-service instruction to interested retailers for building their business through the internet. One nice element of this service is that the internet can help regular people without traditional business training to learn how to sell wholesale products through drop shipping. For many home business entrepreneurs, this can offer a golden opportunity for them to increase their retail revenues without adding to their stress!

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Benefits of Dropship

Finding, receiving, and storing wholesale products are often considered the absolute foundation of any retail business’ success. However, there can be little doubt that managing these elements can become a real headache for many business owners. For example, something as simple as procuring the wrong stock (or even too much or too little of the correct stock), can wreak havoc on a retail business!

In addition to these worries, the simple storage and access to extra products for business use can become problematic for many retailers. There is no doubt that many retail business people are often on the lookout for a better way to manage their wholesale products. Finding ways to streamline makes the business world easier and far more profitable for people who take the management of their retail business seriously.

Reliable Receipt of Wholesale Products

Businesses get their wholesale products a number of ways for retail sales. One increasingly popular method is through a provider of wholesale dropship services. This service means that retailers can simply contact their dropshipping company and tell them precisely which products are needed at any given time.

The biggest benefit for the retailer is that their wholesale products are shipped immediately. Because of this, back stock and storage become a worry of the past! In addition, it is possible for retailers who have a website to direct their customers’ orders of an increased offering of products directly to be shipped from the dropship provider.

Receiving wholesale products from a dropshipper makes it possible to dodge the problem of stock storage because the wholesale goods are kept and maintained by the dropshipper until sold. This means that the business person can focus his or her efforts more fully on the business side, rather than finding appropriate and secure storage for stock. For some business owners, it frees them up for more free time entirely!

Improve Customer Service with Dropship Services

Customers also may find significant benefits to buying their retail products from their company of choice through a dropshipper. For one thing, the customers receive a vastly larger selection of products from which to choose. The goods are also shipped directly to the customer’s doorstep or mailbox, which is an added benefit saving them trips to the store.

Professional dropshippers may also develop and perfect methods through which they can assist their retailers in taking advantage of all of their services. The best dropshippers will not charge any additional fees for purchasing products with them, either for clients or their customers.

In addition to this section of the business, good dropshippers are also likely to offer affordably priced training for clients who wish to develop their retail business. Dropshippers usually know how to increase sales with internet marketing activities, and can train their clients in this skill.

This means that the internet and dropshipping make it feasible for normal people – even those without business training – to maximize the selling of wholesale products from within a home office or from an actual retail store!

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Selling Stun Guns, Pepper Sprays, Hidden Cameras at Home Parties

Many people want to know how to get started doing home parties. Most think there should be some formal way of doing this. But, its not necessary.

The hardest part of this business is getting the parties set up. Once you are at the party, it’s easy. The products will sell themselves. I know you’ve heard this before, but with these products it’s true.

You must take product, enough product for the amount of people attending. Don’t go to a home party thinking you can take a demo and get people to order out of the catalog. These are high impulse products. If you get them in front of people, you will sell them, but you need to let them go home with what they purchased.

So, you are at the party with your products spread out before you. Now you introduce the products and if you can, demonstrate how they work. If its a stun gun, pass it around and let everyone fire it. People will be twitching and jumping and laughing but totally engaged. You will sell them!

At the party, just be yourself. Don’t worry about a formal presentation. Tell them about the products and let them ask questions. Just talk to them like you would your best friend. You don’t need to try to sell them or have a sales pitch.

The only sales technique I would use would be scarcity. If you know you are going to a party where 10 people are expected, I would take only 8 of each product…less on the more expensive products like the hidden cameras. This will create a atmosphere of scarcity. You show the stun gun then announce to the 10 people there you only brought 8 with you. Trust me, this works very well.

The best way to start, is to get a friend to host it and invite everyone you can think of. Then during the party ask if anyone would like to host one. Have a nice gift that you give the host or hostess. It doesn’t have to be related to the products you sell. It can be a gift certificate for dinner for two at a nice restaurant or four movie passes. Referrals are a good way to build your party business.

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How Do Stun Guns Work

Alternative forms for protection, especially products used for non-lethal self-defense such as stun guns, are gaining popularity in modern society. This is probably the case because many families and individuals desire a form of security, but do not wish to own a firearm.

Some feel this way because there is a child in the home, others might want to avoid a gun because they are somewhat intimidated by them. With this in mind, an option of choice for many people is becoming the reliable stun gun. As self-defense devices, stun guns are both non-lethal and extremely effective, making them a fine choice for many people. In fact, they are even used in certain situations by the military and law enforcement.

How Do Stun Guns Work?

Stun guns target attackers with an electric shock that temporarily makes them unable to effectively use their muscles. Stun guns create a shock that is quite painful and also paralyzing over the short term, but they are not created or intended to create any lasting negative physical effects.

The shock of a stun gun causes short term muscle spasms. The duration and severity of the shock is often affected by such elements as the clothes that a person is wearing, whether or not their skin is wet from sweat (or some other form of moisture), and the remaining power of the battery installed in the stun gun.

With a good stun gun, it only takes a short shock (even just a couple of seconds) to bring most attackers to the ground and facilitate an escape from a threatening situation. The target areas for a stun gun are the attacker’s shoulders, ribs, and upper hip. Beyond that, though, it does not take much imagination to realize that a shock to other more sensitive areas is also very painful!

What Stun Guns Are Available?

A sizable selection of models and sizes of stun guns are now available. These range from larger units (the size of a large flashlight to a type that is actually fired by a shotgun) to some that are about as small as a woman’s lipstick for more concealed protection… not to mention many sizes and options in between.

With these variances in size, it can come as little surprise that the effective range for the different sizes and models of stun guns can also range from anywhere between a few feet and several hundred feet, depending on the situation.

The technology of stun guns is rapidly being altered, with potential significant changes on the horizon, as well. The models currently in use deliver the electrical current through affixed wires.

In an attempt to improve these systems, some self-defense companies are conducting research to alter the method of delivery for the electrical current! Some of the possibilities involve the utilization of a targeted water current, an aerosol spray, or even a laser! The future of this technology will help people to stay safe and protect them with less-lethal self-defense products that can save lives!

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Wholesale Drop Shipper Products

Let there be no doubt about it, wholesale products are both essential to – and a management headache for – any retail business model. Almost anyone who has been involved in retail can tell horror stories about a time when their company purchased the wrong stock, or ended up with too much (or too little) of the right stock, or the myriad of other things that can go wrong for a small business attempting to store their wholesale products away from the sales floor! Many people have stayed awake at night wondering if there could be a better way for them to manage the necessary stock, making their business more streamlined – not to mention more profitable – in the process! Well, the fact is, there is a better way to manage these issues for almost any person who is serious about running a successful retail business.

If a retail business wishes to create a relationship with a reliable provider of wholesale products, often the best thing for them to do is to find a company that will offer wholesale dropship services. With this type of option, the fortunate retailers can simply contact their dropshipper to order precisely what they need, when they need it. The wholesale products are sent directly to the retailer without delay, eliminating the need for a stock of items. Even better, if the retailer takes advantage of having a website presence, their customers will be able to order their products and complete their sale online, receiving the goods from the dropship provider… while the profits still go to the retailer!

The benefits of working with a wholesale drop shipper go even further, however. The dropship companies simply allow a business owner to effectively manage the other important aspects of his or her business, by taking stock maintenance and shipping concerns completely off the table! In addition, with the aforementioned Internet presence, a retailer is able to vastly increase the number of items offered for sale. As long as the drop shipper carries the merchandise, they can sell it and make a profit.

A professional wholesale dropshipper will probably already have developed and perfected the best ways for their services to help their retailers. It is also worth finding a company that does not charge additional fees for the privilege of purchasing products through them. This removes additional concerns and costs that need not be part of the equation at all. Some of the better companies are also able to provide – at a fair price – additional training for retailers, teaching them the ins and outs of how they can increase sales and enhance their bottom line through websites and other efforts in Internet marketing.

Once a retailer finds the right wholesale dropshipper for their needs, they can take advantage of the experience of the dropshipper in expanding their efforts and growing their business. In fact, the Internet makes it possible for even an average person (someone without any business background) to take advantage of selling wholesale products through dropshipping, even without a retail store!

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Pepper Spray | How To Improve Retail Through Dropship Sales

A myriad of headaches can plague any individual who is intent on managing a retail business. Dropship sales are a terrific cure for many of these problems, enhancing profits, and increasing overall satisfaction for retail customers and owners, all the while erasing some of the biggest frustrations.

Sure, a retail business can be a personally rewarding and financially profitable venture, but many business people discover some real headaches accompanying this type of business! There are important elements like how to keep stock available, where to store any extra or unutilized merchandise, and how to manage details that can cause a retail establishment to become a real pain in the neck.

Understanding the Dropship Concept

The concept behind dropship sales is a simple one. Dropshipping offers the sale (and the shipping) of merchandise to be handled by a third party. In the best circumstances, these dropshippers are even able to manage the transaction for their clients!

The most full-service dropship suppliers are able to assist their clients in creating a viable internet presence to even further increase the growth of their business. Whatever services they offer, the most successful dropship suppliers are laser focused on keeping both their clients and their clients’ customers fully satisfied.

When selecting a dropship supplier, one of the best ideas is to choose one that will charges no additional fees for the business transactions completed through their organization. These companies make their money from the sale of their goods, and do not artificially inflate their prices for servicing customers. Companies like this are sometimes called “true wholesalers,” and they are also often the best resource for making dropship work for their retailer clients.

Tailored to Large and Small Businesses

Dropship can be easily added to almost any type of retail business, which offers benefits for both customers and retailers alike. Through dropship, the level of customer service can be improved almost immediately, and with no additional personnel for the retailer. This then offers timely service to customers, as well as an increase in the availability of a variety of different products.

In addition, the business owner suddenly finds that struggles with unused stock and storage have simply evaporated! Some retailers will even pay a reasonable fee to their dropshipper to receive valuable marketing and computer instruction to increase the efficacy of their business efforts.

The bottom line is that dropship can be a benefit to businesses of all kinds, from traditional brick and mortar retail establishments, to people who are becoming involved with a home business to boost their income.

Regardless of how they start out with dropship sales, the internet remains one of the most remarkable ways for people to take advantage of dropshipping. It allows retailers to market products worldwide, whether based from a typical business establishment or from a home office.

While there are some larger retailers – mainly those with significant storage facilities – who could pass up some bulk discounts on wholesale purchases by using dropship sales, the fact remains that for a vast majority of retailers, there are far more benefits to improving business with a dropshipper!

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Wholesale Drop Shippers

The veritable grease that keeps the bearings of any successful retail machine moving is, of course, the steady access to wholesale merchandise. Without a solid and reliable supply of the goods that customers are seeking to purchase, any retail establishment will quickly sink into oblivion. When the customers can get what they want, and they are happy with their service and products, success cannot be far behind! There are problems inherent to the management of wholesale merchandise, however. It can be a real challenge to keep a good stock of the right merchandise, to have access to what the retailers need and the customers want and to maintain storage of enough wholesale merchandise to keep things moving.

There are, fortunately, ways for modern retailers to avoid these pitfalls to success and effectively manage their stocks of merchandise. One of the most effective – as well as time and space-saving – is to make full use of a wholesale drop shipper. This type of resource allows retailers to take care of needed merchandise as it is required, rather than spending additional resources on maintaining and keeping huge amounts of it on-hand. Wholesale drop shippers can also be effectively used by allowing customers to order the items that they desire directly, which means that customers receive their shipments reliably and right in their own homes. Happy customers, of course, are more likely to re-order!

There are other ways that the use of wholesale merchandise drop shippers can lead to satisfied customers, as well. For one thing, the sheer amount of merchandise offered through an agreement with a drop shipper is far more impressive than the amount that most small and mid-size retailers can manage to carry on their own. With an Internet presence, retailers can sell a broad selection of goods, in whatever niche they choose.

Of course, a plan like this one is especially effective in the Internet Age, when on-line shopping makes wholesale drop shippers all the more of an advantage for forward-thinking retailers. When a business person takes the opportunity to create a good relationship with a reliable drop shipper, it can add significantly to profits. All of this happens while, in many cases, not even costing the retailer anything extra for the sale!

Some wholesale drop shippers even make themselves available for training in the best ways to implement the strategies that will be most effective in using their services. This may include training for on-line sales and Internet marketing, which effectively extends these business opportunities beyond the realm of traditional retailers. The world-wide use of computers allows this to extend retailing success to people who are not already directly involved in the business world. For the right people with a good computer connection and the right relationship with a wholesale drop shipper, it can be possible to create a successful and lucrative business opportunity for someone within the walls of their own home. There is no need for storing wholesale merchandise, hiring sales staff or other employees, or even having a storefront. Granted, a business with those assets will be able to broaden its efforts, but the options are available for all kinds of people!

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Why Woulda, Shoulda And Coulda Won’t Cut It

For twenty years people have been asking me why they should buy personal protection products, and in the last few years they have asked me why they would need a hidden camera, or a surveillance system.

This answer is deceptively simple.

Because it’s the right thing to do.

Your first priority is to know how to protect yourself, and your second priority is to teach that skill to every member of your family. You don’t have to be a gym gorilla or an NFL lineman to do the job. In fact, those guys would only win a small percentage of battles with street mooks.

The key to self defense is to walk softly and carry a powerful tool.

It’s just like poker in a way. You never, ever, want to show your hand unless it’s absolutely necessary.

If you were carrying a mini stun stun gun, like The Hot Shot Stun Gun, you can take down a big mook in seconds, probably before he even realized what hit him. You see, you can hide, or palm, one of these tools in your hand, and no one would even notice.

You can wear them on your belt, and everyone will assume it’s a pager, or phone. I’ve been wearing The Runt since it came in the door, and no one has ever asked me what it was because they have already made an assumption about what it is. That’s a big advantage in a bad situation.

The same rules apply to pepper spray, and especially to the new pistol gripped Wildfire pepper sprays. For people in cash businesses, you treat it like it’s a cleaning product. You set a bottle of Windex and some other generic cleaner in plain site, along with the Wildfire. The Wildfire is a cleaner; it will clean a gaggle of mooks, and have them red faced and ready for the meat wagon the police bring.

Personal protection is important, and if you have kids going off to college they need tools badly. Each and every year kids disappear days after starting college. If those kids had been taught to carry and use simple tools they would still be here today.

I think that if some of those kids at Virginia Tech had been carrying pepper spray, that mentally deranged freak that shot them would be in jail awaiting execution, and there might not be any dead. I could be wrong here, but the point is that nobody was prepared.

And I’m thinking, how many will be prepared this year?

How many parents will send their kids off into the world this fall without a clue as to how to defend themselves?

You can bet that didn’t happen 200 years ago.

Somebody once said you can never be too rich or too thin.

I say you can never have too many personal protection tools.

Being rich and thin certainly won’t save your life.

And saying you woulda purchased them, shoulda purchased them, or coulda purchased them won’t cut it.

If you’re prepared, you won’t be surprised.

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Wholesale Products | The Heart Of Retail: Wholesale Merchandise

There would be no way to keep a successful retail company progressing without the constant and unfettered procurement of wholesale merchandise. For decades, this meant that most retailers would need to store their extra stock of merchandise to make sure that it was available, or else run the risk of being caught without enough goods to keep customers happy.

Without an easy supply of the goods that customers desire, any retail establishment will flounder. On the flipside, however, having too much of the wrong merchandise can cause problems, as well!

As long as customers are able to readily find the products that they want (assuming they remain pleased with both service and products), there is almost no limit to the prosperity of a company! However, the difficulties of managing back stock and purchasing wholesale goods can cause headaches for even the most experienced retailers.

Avoiding Stock Difficulties

Modern business has developed some excellent methods for helping retailers to avoid stock problems and optimally manage their merchandise and their business. Among some of the most efficient ideas, especially when it comes to managing time and space, is to consider a partnership with a reliable wholesale drop shipper.

These companies let retailers order their urgently needed merchandise as soon as they notice it is desired, rather than waiting to place huge orders of product. They also assist retailers in helping them to avoid spending money on the procurement and storage of huge amounts of back stock.

Even better, retailers can also use wholesale drop shipping services to allow their customers to order what they want directly from the drop shipper. When this happens, the retailer is able to minimize effort, and the customers are able to receive their goods sent right to their front door.

Of course, the amount of merchandise offered through an agreement with a drop shipper is far more impressive than the amount of goods that most retailers could ever afford to stock – or even manage – on their own. With the use of a good website, retailers can vastly increase their selection of goods to include whatever the drop shipper carries!

With all of these benefits, it is apparent that when a businessperson forges a beneficial relationship with a drop shipper to manage wholesale merchandise, profits are certainly increased.

Above and beyond the increase in initial revenues, however, there are other positive features. The best wholesale drop shippers offer training in how to best implement the strategies that maximize their services.

This training can include the addition of web-based sales and internet marketing for those retailers who have not yet included these technologies in their marketing plan. In fact, it is possible for home-based entrepreneurs – working with a good wholesale drop shipper – to create a thriving retail business from within a home office.

These kinds of organizations are possible because the business owners are able to have their drop shipper worry about storing and shipping the merchandise, hiring employees, and managing the payment! All in all, this is a terrific opportunity for any retailer, whether they have a traditional establishment or a home office.

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Creating An Image For Your Company

company imageUnfortunately, its not enough to be an honest person who will deliver what he says he will. People want to deal with established, big companies. It makes them feel they will receive what they ordered and won’t be taken advantage of. If you are a one-man operation just starting out, this presents a problem.

Creating a company image can be important to your success. When I first started out, 27 years ago, it was just me and my wife working out of our home. But I understood the need for image. So when I was asked for a lower price on a large purchase, I would tell them I would have to check with the owner and would get back to them. When someone would call and ask to speak to the owner, I would tell them he was out in the warehouse, which at the time was the garage. This made them think that my company was more than just me.

It also allowed me to negotiate better, because I could always be the good guy and make the “owner” the bad guy, the one who wouldn’t lower the price. There were several other things I did to make my company appear larger than it was. But the point is that this is necessary to survive long enough to become the company you are pretending to be.

I have a distributor who sells on the Internet and does about $30,000 a month in sales. He is a one man operation. However, he has created an image of a “family business” with a picture of the family (not his) using a made up family name. He shows a picture of a large warehouse when in reality, he works out of his home and does not stock anything…we do his dropshipping for him. He even uses a voice changer to appear to be a different person when talking to customers. He has a setting on the voice changer for the shipping person, a setting for a sales person and a different setting for technical support. He understands the need for image.

Now in reality, he does have a support team, us, and a warehouse, ours. So, neither he nor our other customers is stretching the truth too far. Because, in reality, they do have a warehouse, and a support team and years of experience.

Understand the value of image and don’t be afraid to create your own.

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