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Creating An Image For Your Company

company imageUnfortunately, its not enough to be an honest person who will deliver what he says he will. People want to deal with established, big companies. It makes them feel they will receive what they ordered and won’t be taken advantage of. If you are a one-man operation just starting out, this presents a problem.

Creating a company image can be important to your success. When I first started out, 27 years ago, it was just me and my wife working out of our home. But I understood the need for image. So when I was asked for a lower price on a large purchase, I would tell them I would have to check with the owner and would get back to them. When someone would call and ask to speak to the owner, I would tell them he was out in the warehouse, which at the time was the garage. This made them think that my company was more than just me.

It also allowed me to negotiate better, because I could always be the good guy and make the “owner” the bad guy, the one who wouldn’t lower the price. There were several other things I did to make my company appear larger than it was. But the point is that this is necessary to survive long enough to become the company you are pretending to be.

I have a distributor who sells on the Internet and does about $30,000 a month in sales. He is a one man operation. However, he has created an image of a “family business” with a picture of the family (not his) using a made up family name. He shows a picture of a large warehouse when in reality, he works out of his home and does not stock anything…we do his dropshipping for him. He even uses a voice changer to appear to be a different person when talking to customers. He has a setting on the voice changer for the shipping person, a setting for a sales person and a different setting for technical support. He understands the need for image.

Now in reality, he does have a support team, us, and a warehouse, ours. So, neither he nor our other customers is stretching the truth too far. Because, in reality, they do have a warehouse, and a support team and years of experience.

Understand the value of image and don’t be afraid to create your own.

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May 21st, 2013 12:48:13

Be Interesting!

stun gun king

It’s important to be INTERESTING. Not just in business, but in your personal life, too.

Keep family, friends and customers interested in you — in what you say and what you do and who you are.

Don’t be afraid to stand out.

If you have something to say or do that you feel is important and could be helpful to others, then its your duty to be interesting.


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April 17th, 2013 18:16:53

Selling Hand Held Metal Detectors?

handheld metal detector

ProScan Handheld Metal Detector

“You mean like selling Avon, I can sell Hand Held Metal Detectors?”

“Yes, that’s right!”

“Who would I sell them to?”

“Many places…night clubs, bars, jewelry stores, security guard companies, and even some private citizens like to have one, even just for kicks.”

“So, you mean to tell me I can make money by selling these things?”

“Yes, and you do not have to just sell the Hand Held Metal Detectors, we also carry stun guns, pepper sprays, and other self-defense items such as kubotans and telescopic steel batons. Plus we have personal alarms, electronic whistles, and even diversion safes.”

“What the heck is a diversion safe?”

“It is a clever little gadget, that has a secret hidden compartment inside, where you can hide money or jewelry, but it is disguised to “look like” something else, so you can put it on the shelf, and no one would ever know you have money hidden inside.”

“How long you been selling this stuff?”

“About six months now, and I love it.”

“And you are making money?”

“Hell yeah! It’s great, and because I often peddle things to people, and they pay me in cash, I am earning CASH!”

“How did you get started?”

“I found a wholesaler called Safety Technology, and they sell all this stuff to me at wholesale.”

“Wholesale, but you do not own a business. How can you buy wholesale?”

“Because they sell at wholesale to their dealers, of which I am now one, and there are no hassles, no minimums, no quotas, no obligations, no fees, and no headaches… I buy some stuff, and then sell it, and then buy more, and I am making money along the way. Plus, they have these great catalogs that I can show people and take orders, here…take a look.”

“There is no company name or address or phone number on here.”

“That’s right! When I loan one of these to someone, they have to contact me to buy the stuff.”

“Wow, that’s pretty cool. What if I don’t want to sell things to people, is there another way to make money with this stuff?”

“Of course, you can sell it online, and they will even build a website for you, if you want.”

“I don’t have the money to get a website.”

“Then you can sell out of the catalogs, until you earn enough money for yourself to get a website.”

“Wow, that sounds like a cool idea.”

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April 07th, 2013 13:38:47

Wildfire Pepper Spray Now Features A Flip Top Actuator!

flip top actuator

Wildfire Pepper Spray With Flip Top Actuator

This is exciting news for our distributors, and it is exciting news for YOU as well, even if you have not yet become one of our happy distributors. Here’s why…

There are millions of people, all over America, who want to be safe, and feel safe, and have some “peace of mind.” While there are many people who own and carry firearms, there are millions who do not want to exercise their right to bear arms. However, they would like to have some sort of self-defense item, and pepper sprays are the ideal non-lethal, self-defense item.

We have been in this business for 26 years, and we wholesale our products to our distributors, who sell these products and make big cash profits. For many years, our flagship Pepper Shot Brand with the 10% solution of oleoresin capsicum did the trick, when it came to stopping criminals in their tracks. Then our dealers and their customers wanted something hotter, so we created the Wildfire Brand with an 18% solution of that very hot pepper ingredient.

Both brands have been popular, and also huge sellers, and our sprays have a locking actuator wherein you use your thumb to slide the spray button, before you can depress the button, and fire the spray stream. This is a safety precaution.

Recently, some dealers and customers expressed an interest in a flip top actuator, so we created one, and they are now available on our Pepper Shot Brand AND they are also available on our Wildfire Brand! How does this help YOU?

Because you are looking for a way to make extra money, whether a little or a lot, and you are considering different opportunities. Ours is one of the best, because our products are in high demand, they are not found in every corner store, most people do not have a pepper spray, YET, but most people want one! PLUS, we always come out with newer and better products, and more diversity, to give our dealers more opportunities to make more money! Aren’t you glad you asked?

This Wildfire pepper spray causes pain, inflammation of the eyes, nose and upper respiratory system. Effects may last for up to 45 minutes. The Wildfire pepper spray is now available with a flip top actuator and in three sizes: 3/4 ounce, 2 ounce, and 4 ounce.

Happy selling!

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April 02nd, 2013 18:59:50

Garrett is the best known name in security metal detectors

Garrett Metal Detector

Garrett Metal Detector

As a Safety Technology dealer, you have four different Garrett metal detectors to sell and make a profit from. Plus, they are slightly more money than a keychain sized pepper spray!

After 26 years in the wholesale business of self-defense items, safety gadgets, and others forms of protection and security, we are happy to still be offering our dealers, some new and exciting ways to increase their sales, their income, and improve their businesses. Whether a dealer of ours sells online, through a website, or in a store of their own, or even by peddling directly to consumers, there is money to be made, and a lot of it!

Some dealers have the guts, the gumption, and the ability to call on businesses, just as an sales rep would, and they sell big amounts, they get big orders, and they make big money!

These Garrett products are quickly recognized, and for example, this Garrett SUPERSCANNER V is the most recognized hand-held metal detector in the world. You just might be able to sell a dozen of them to a security guard company, or your local courthouse. There are many offices and places of business that now “scan” people before they enter the building, for the protection of everyone in the building. Gone are the days when someone with unsavory thoughts or plans, can just enter a building with knives, guns, and other devices concealed on their person.

Safety, security, self-defense, and surveillance are all growing segments in the world of merchandise, and YOU can represent our products and make some money for yourself. Whether you make a little or alot is all up to you, but if you make up your mind to really do something, then you can do it. You may have to work, and work especially hard in the beginning, but if you do, you are likely to succeed!

We give you all sorts of products, tools, information, catalogs, support, and we can help you in many ways, unlike many other wholesale companies that simply sell merchandise, and then that’s the end of it. In fact, if you will look around online, there are some wholesalers who have lousy websites, with no product descriptions, and they simply sell stuff to you, and that’s where it ends. With us, you can get a live person on the phone, to help you with your questions or concerns, if you ever have any.

After 26 years in this business we have built a stunning reputation!

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March 30th, 2013 13:58:04

Mace Hard Case Sounds Like Something Serious!

mace hard case pepper spray

Mace Hard Case Pepper Spray

A mugger or attacker will have serious problems, when you or your college aged daughter , or anyone for that matter, blasts him in the face, with a Mace self-defense pepper spray! It does not even matter whether it came from a leatherette case or a hard case, because his face will feel like it’s on fire, and he will be sufficiently distracted as the person escapes, rather than becoming another statistic!

In red, black, blue, purple or green, and with a glow-in-the-dark locking safety cap, your Mace pepper spray in the hard outer case, also has a key ring so that you can easily carry it with your keys. That way you will always have it with you, and you will always be prepared. Some folks keep one in the console of each car, and they keep one attached to the handle on the dog leash. You never know when you can be taking Sparky for a walk, and some thug tries to mess with you.

At Safety Technology, we carry the Mace brands, as well as our own superb brands of self-defense pepper sprays, just to give our distributors more of an opportunity to make a sale, or many sales in some cases. We are in the wholesale business, and have been for 26 years, and we are happy to say that we have had an impact on millions of Americans. We have helped many people to be safe and to feel safe, and we have helped many dealers to make money, whether full time or part time, and whether long term, or even those who just need a quick temporary extra income to “get caught up” with their bills.

Whatever your motivation is, if you need to make some extra money, and you want to sell some products that are well received by the public; things that people truly need and want, then you should become our next new dealer. There is no cost or obligation, there are no fees, no hassles, no meetings to attend, this is NOT an MLM thing, and you can sell whichever products you want, and however you want to sell them.

Maybe a website is your thing, or your dream, or maybe you like to sell things face-to-face to neighbors and friends, or maybe you like to show catalogs around, and ours are very impressive! Some dealers have been known to show our catalogs around, and get tons of orders, and make a decent income at the same time.

People need pepper sprays, and you are just the person to bring the pepper sprays into the hands of the people who need them!

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March 21st, 2013 11:09:29

Wildfire® 18% Pepper Gel Sticky Pepper Spray = Profits Galore!

wildfire pepper gel

Wildfire Pepper Gel

This stuff sells like crazy… Why? Because after it is sprayed, this Pepper Gel acts like glue to your poor, unfortunate assailant’s face. If the attacker attempts to wipe or rub the Pepper Gel away, it begins to permeate the skin leaving your attacker in even more pain and discomfort. However, just as all pepper sprays, they do not cause any long term harm or damage, but they sure do “mess up” a guy, while the person can escape to safety, instead of being another statistic!

If you want to make money, you can become one of our dealers, because we are in the wholesale business, and with our 26 years experience, we have learned how to help our dealers make money! There are millions of Americans who do not YET have any pepper sprays, and they will buy some from YOU, whether you are showing our catalogs and taking orders, peddling products on the spot, or even selling online with a website, or perhaps somewhere such as Amazon or eBay.

Yes, there are many others who sell on eBay, but it seems that there is always some business for everyone on there! When you become our dealer, which does not involve any fees, you can sell however you please. There are no minimum order requirements, no quotas, no hassles, and no commitments. You don’t even have to go to a meeting, or try to recruit anyone into anything! How’s that grab ya?

If you are tired of just barely surviving, then you can start making extra money with our non-lethal, self-defense pepper sprays, because people want them, and there are not enough people selling them!

Ask yourself and your spouse these two questions…

#1: How many people do you know who are selling Avon, Amway, or some sort of Vitamins?
#2: How many people do you know who are selling self-defense pepper sprays?

That’s it… if that is not a giant “sign” for you to hop on board, then please tell a friend of yours about us, and she or he will want to get involved, because we need help!

Helping people to be safer, and making some money along the way, is a very cool thing! Unlike the hot, hot, hot pepper of the Wildfire Pepper Gel!

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March 14th, 2013 13:40:10

Telescopic Steel Batons Are A Cool Add-On Sale!

telescopic steel baton

Telescopic Steel Baton

When our dealers sell stun guns and pepper sprays to people, some people want both, and there are those who want an additional gadget or self-defense item, and here’s a great one. A telescopic steel baton, is a clever gadget, and can easily be carried, and some people attach the case to their belt.
Just as The Sundance Kid would quickly draw on someone, you can quickly pull out the solid steel baton, with its convenient rubber handle, and then with a quick flick-of-the-wrist, you extend the baton, and you’re ready to fight off an attacker, scare away a wild animal, or whatever else you have to do.

The telescopic steel batons are just another way we provide our dealers with a big variety of products that they can sell to increase their income.  These are a very cool item, and younger men especially seem to love them. Perfect for a college guy, or anyone who likes the idea of “speaking softly and carrying a big stick!”

Some people simply like the “peace of mind” they have, when they have one of these sleek beauties by their side, and you will too!

When you are searching for ways to make money, and you bump into our website, it is fate, because we have the best products to sell these days, especially with the way things are everywhere. Crime is slowly rising, people are becoming desperate, there are more robberies and muggings, and people want to be safe, feel safe, and have something with which to defend themselves.

This is a great opportunity for those who have some face-to-face sales ability, but it is also great for people who want to have a website of their own. It’s true that we have some dealers out there, with their own websites, but there are 645 million websites on the Internet, and all of the self-defense websites combined, are like one grain of sand, on all the beaches of the world.

So, it does not take a math genius to see that this is a great business for someone who wants to make some serious money. Now, if that is not fate, then “Hello, McFly!” Don’t worry, we’re not going to hit you over the head with a steel baton… telescopic or otherwise!

“Hey Biff, what’s that!?”

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March 12th, 2013 13:43:41

Pen Knives are Actual Knives Disguised as Pens

pen knives

Pen Knives

Pen knives may not be for everyone, but for those customers who want them, we carry them, because pen knives are a unique way to conceal a knife on your person, and some people enjoy having this type of a self defense device with them at all times.

Our dealers have a unique and diversified inventory of self-defense and safety products, which we provide to them at wholesale prices, so they can resell them for cash profits.

Some dealers sell on eBay, others have their own websites, some sell at flea markets, others set up a “route” and go around as sales reps to stores, pawn shops, and such. Some of our dealers show catalogs, just like an Avon lady would, and one of our dealers IS an Avon lady who also sells out of our catalogs as well. Some people prefer to buy a few dozen of these and a half dozen of those, and then peddle them out of their bag, or the trunk of their car.

It’s YOUR business, and you can work it however you want! You have to just make up your mind and do it. You can be successful, if you really want to, and you can earn extra money, if you really want to. If you want more out of life, we can help you get that “more,” and it all starts with increasing your income, and that can be done with our “in demand” products.

There are a lot of people “out there,” who will buy safety and self-defense products “on impulse” right there “on the spot” when you offer them something for sale. If they have the need, and the money in their pocket, they will take it out and hand it to you! I myself, am not just a writer, but I have sold these products, in this way… many times!

You can do this too! Just take a deep breath, gather up some confidence in yourself and in your products, and go to work! There is an old saying from ancient China… “The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person who is doing it.”

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March 11th, 2013 15:17:43

Nap Alarm Sleep Alert Saves Live & Makes Money!

nap alarm

Nap Alarm Sleep Alert

Anyone who does a lot of driving should have a nap alarm, even if they rarely need to use it. This little beauty rests comfortably on someone’s ear, and when they are driving, and they become tired, they can put it on to ensure that they do not begin to nod-off behind the wheel.

These are so great, you almost cannot believe that there is not one inside of every automobile already, but there is not. YOU can make money by selling these to people, and people really do need them.

Everyone, at one time or another, is forced to drive, perhaps at night, and at a time when they may be tired or overtired. How about at Holiday time, when you are coming home from a relative’s house? Maybe when a college kid is driving to or from the school on a long weekend? Perhaps you are helping someone who is moving from one place to a distant place. There are many reasons and scenarios where someone might be forced to drive, and they are feeling a bit tired or worn-out.

This nap alarm can actually save lives, because if the person is about to fall asleep, and the gadget suddenly wakes them, it can prevent something disastrous from happening. It will also alert the others in the car, if there are others, that perhaps it is time to switch drivers!

Will you sell a ton of nap alarms, as our newest dealer? Maybe not. Is there a lot of money to be made with a low priced item? Maybe not. BUT it sure will be a way to start a conversation about your new business, and it is one of many cool items that we sell…Actually…that YOU sell!

We have been 26 years at this business of helping Americans to be safe, through our dealers… men and women, just like YOU, who wanted more out of life, and who wanted to find a way to make extra money, or even a full time livelihood! Give our products a try, there’s nothing to lose. You will love them, and so will your friends, relatives, and neighbors… for starters. Then when the word starts to spread, about these cool self-defense and safety items you are selling, customers will soon be coming to you! You will love this business.

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March 10th, 2013 13:12:41